Reflexology, Can it Help ME?

Our bodies, through the daily stress of life, long covid or possible triggers like bad news, bereavement, health diagnosis, can be thrown out of balance and if the body is under constant attack from stress it has an impact on our physical wellbeing, emotions and mind, causing imbalances i.e.  Lack of sleep, irritability, anxiety, depression and issues with digestive, hormonal, muscular, immune systems to list a few.

So what does Reflexology do?

Reflexology gently stimulates the reflexes in the Face, Hands or Feet and by connecting with the responses in your body can aid effective circulation for blood and oxygen transportation which in turn improves the function of vital organs and systems. By suspending or halting stress and tension, a sense of calmness can relax the body and bring about the quietness of mind, improved mood, a better quality of sleep, enhanced health and wellbeing.

What is Reflexology?

Although appearing simple, treatment is precise and consists of micro techniques and intensely relaxing pressures applied to specific points of the Face, Hands or Feet reflexes, using fingers and thumbs. 

Reflexology is based on the principle that the whole body is reflected on the  Face, Hands and Feet. It is a safe non-invasive complementary treatment suitable for all ages and has a holistic approach. Complementary Therapies can be used alongside or as well as traditional medicine. 

The main focus is to create a connection and response with the body to bring about balance and natural homeostasis. 

Feet in Ancient History.  

Reflexology has many historical origins including ancient Egypt.  It is believed that paintings found in the Tomb of Ankmahor 5th Dynasty (the Physicians Tomb) depict two men of high office having reflexology and massage. Hieroglyphs suggests,  One of the patients requests ” Do not let it be painful”, to which the physician replies “I do it so that you will praise me, King”