Indian Head Massage IHM

Dating back for over 4000 years Champissage, champi to massage.

Clients remain fully clothed and comfortable on a chair/reclining chair or lying on a treatment couch. Deeply relaxing, kneading and stimulating massage techniques are used in a rhythmical way on the upper back, shoulders and neck to aid in the relief of muscular tension and stress. Then moving on to the face using slow gentle relaxing stroking and circular motions, improving facial tone and aiding blood and oxygen to the skin. This beautiful to receive treatment is completed with a head and ears massage which benefits and nourishes the scalp and promotes wellbeing on physical and emotional levels. 

Benefits of IHM

Stimulation to blood and oxygen circulation.

Movement of lymph

Improving joint mobility.

Scalp stimulation and hair growth.

Releasing stress tension and headaches.

Reduce eye strain and sinus issues.

An all-over profound sense of relaxation and calm.

This Ayurvedic healing practice has been passed down and evolved through the years, family to family following these healing traditions. It was and still is very much a part of everyday life connecting families from babies to old age and has a place in many rituals.

Ayurvedic – an art of healing and prolonging life by keeping holistic balance with body, mind and spirit. It is believed that we are  Earth, Fire, Water, Ether and Air. These together make up Doshas of which there are three.  Each of us has our own combination of doshas and one tends to dominate. 

These doshas or life forces control a unique body function and if out of balance can have an impact on health and mind wellbeing.