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Indian Head Massage IHM

Indian Head Massage IHM

Dating back for over 4000 years Champissage, champi to massage. Clients remain fully clothed and comfortable on a chair/reclining chair or lying on a treatment couch. Deeply relaxing, kneading and stimulating massage techniques are used in a rhythmical way on the...

What is Gentle Release Therapy

What is Gentle Release Therapy

This gentle yet powerful therapy involves a variety of energy techniques applied with the lightest touch, working in synergy to allow physical and emotional blocks to melt away. Life inevitably includes physical and emotional trauma in different band  sometimes...

Reflexology, Can it Help ME?

Reflexology, Can it Help ME?

Our bodies, through the daily stress of life, long covid or possible triggers like bad news, bereavement, health diagnosis, can be thrown out of balance and if the body is under constant attack from stress it has an impact on our physical wellbeing, emotions and mind,...

Barbie is Professional, Understanding, responsive, friendly, amazing, I (client) arrive feeling stressed, washed out, tired, sometimes unloved and I leave feeling refreshed, awakened, amazing, buzzing.

Reflexology Client

Let’s Chat

Prior to your first visit, we will have a telephone consultation. This gives us both the opportunity to connect, discuss what I can offer and if I am the right Therapist for you.

We will talk about your expectations and conduct a confidential health and wellbeing consultation. This is to confirm the right treatment suitable for your needs and consider contra-indications.

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What to expect at Barefoot Therapies

I will explain how each treatment works and what to expect during therapy, we will also discuss Therapy beyond the Treatment room.

I will also advice on what is suitable to wear, discuss allergies and if I am to use a balm , Aromaflex Blend or oil.

Each treatment takes approximately 60 or 90 minutes. Shorter sessions of 30 minutes are also available for older children and mini treatments suitable to health care needs.

Packages for Barefoot Babies and Curious Children are available.

Please allow an extra 20 minutes for first appointment to meet and confirm or make possible changes for your Treatment.

Following on from consultation we will focus on making you comfortable, offering a light blanket and water in readiness for treatment.

During treatment , you may talk , ask questions, listen to soft music or close your eyes and gently breathe and give yourself permission to relax. This is your time in a safe place away from the busy world.

After each treatment, I will leave you quietly for a short time, to give you space to gently return and just be at ease in the moment.

I will offer you water and when you feel ready invite you to ask questions, discuss findings and treatment, aftercare advice and going forward with your health and well-being plan.

I will offer simple reflex or acupressure points to encourage and support your Treatment beyond the Therapy room.

Treatments thereafter

At each visit we will have a review of how you are and to what will benefit you most as we never know what life may throw at us. We may agree a combination of therapies may be needed. ( time and situation allowing)

Each journey begins with a single step
Your journey towards better health and wellbeing is not one you need make alone.

We often feel battered by life events and stressors even if things are going well in our lives our bodies, hearts and minds are bombarded by emotional highs and lows.

Work related, relationships, moving, financial and family stress, new parents, health concerns, lack of sleep, anxiety, your health is in your hands, your investment in self, not quick fixes, or expensive lotions with expensive claims. It’s about bringing balance to your body on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Staying healthy and happy can be a challenge and so with Barefoot Therapies Family Holistic Health we can walk hand in hand towards your well-being and being-well goals.

With that in mind I do not offer online booking of appointments. I feel it is more beneficial for us to talk in the first instance on the telephone.

As the journey is a partnership, I feel it is important for you to feel you can work with me and putting a voice to my photo and name. I can also fully understand your needs and can prepare for our face to face appointment so you can get the best from your treatment .

Most of my clients come to me by recommendation which I accept as a great privilege but also advise that each treatment plan is unique to each individual or family.

Change your world by becoming yourself


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