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Welcome to Barefoot Therapies.

Specialised Reflexology – Gentle Release Therapy – Story Massage – Hopi Candling and other natural non-invasive therapies.

How I Can Help

My passion is supportive therapies for the whole family and I am here to help you open the door to a more Holistic approach to Family health, Barefoot Babies, Curious Children, Talented Teenagers, Male Health, Female Health and Healthy Aging.
I am NHS Registered and offer Advanced Reflexology, hands, feet, faces, Story Massage, Gentle Release Therapy, and other Complementary Therapies. Please see treatments on offer.
In my calm and tranquil treatment room tucked away in Sheringham, you will find a safe space where you can step away from the busy world and focus on YOU and not just your symptoms or condition. A safe space that can help empower you to take charge of your health and well-being journey.
We work together to identify the right treatment for your needs as well as tools and resources you and your support network can use to extend your treatment beyond the Treatment Room; helping you to achieve the transformation you’re seeking- whether mental, physical or emotional.
From Barefoot Babies to end of life care and every step in-between. I am here for You and Your Family.
Sheringham has lots to offer too, cafes, quirky shops and the famous beach all within a short walk. The train station and bus stops are close by. Tesco’s offer free parking (check summer and winter timings)


Dien Chan – Gua Sha

Story Massage

Gentle Release Therapy

Hopi Ear Candling

Indian Head Massage

From my first appointment with Barbie I feel completely at ease in her hands. Her warmth and passion for her work shines through filling you with confidence of her abilities.

Within minutes I am so relaxed , allowing my body and mind to be still.

After every treatment I feel lighter , re energised and empowered. Surprisingly to me my hip pain that I have suffered with for so many years has reduced dramatically in the time I have been with Barbie. Cannot thank Barbie enough for enabling me to ”write my own success story”. Money very well spent.


Reflexology Client

With over 15 years as a qualified Complementary Therapist, NHS Registered and Clinical Reflexologist, I began quite a few years ago as a One Parent Mum when my children were babes in arms where sleep was a luxury and colic was a misery. My son struggling to breathe with an Asthma attack. Childhood illnesses i.e.. Chicken pox, no scratching allowed. Hormonal teenagers with their own opinions and beginning of their life journeys.

 Reflexology was nurturing, calming, valuable and beneficial on so many levels. 

When they were finished school and moving onto to advanced education, I went back to college. I enjoyed being an older student even coping with dyslexia. At one point my Youngest Son and I were at the same College. It was considered cool.

All grown up now with Children of their own they still come to me for Mums Magic and Grandchildren love therapies too. 

Sadly I lost my Mum, my best friend to cancer when I was 21 and lived with the impact that cancer can have on the loved one fighting the disease and the family trying to support and all needing support and as I  have journeyed through life I have shared experiences and challenges that have led to me becoming the Passionate and Compassionate Therapist I am today and why offering natural non-invasive therapies can make a positive difference.

 I also continue to develop my skills and knowledge through a combination of study and training in postgraduate courses.

Barbie is Professional, Understanding, responsive, friendly, amazing, I (client) arrive feeling stressed, washed out, tired, sometimes unloved and I leave feeling refreshed, awakened, amazing, buzzing.

Reflexology Client

Gift Vouchers

Gift a therapy to someone you care about. Just for being them or celebration or special event.

Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of issue and non-refundable , cannot be exchanged for cash products or vouchers.

Vouchers can be purchased in treatment value or monetary value.

Please contact me to arrange payment and postage or collection of Gift Voucher.

Loyalty Cards

After every 10 sessions you will qualify for a mini treatment .

Your Mini treatment is within a stated selection and can be added onto a full treatment.

Or pass it forward in kindness as a Gift Voucher for a Mini Treatment . You don’t need a special reason.

Cannot be used in connection with any other offers or treatments.

Let’s Chat

Prior to your first visit, we will have a telephone consultation. This gives us both the opportunity to connect, discuss what I can offer and if I am the right Therapist for you.

We will talk about your expectations and conduct a confidential health and wellbeing consultation. This is to confirm the right treatment suitable for your needs and consider contra-indications.

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What to expect at Barefoot Therapies

I will explain how each treatment works and what to expect during therapy, we will also discuss Therapy beyond the Treatment room.

I will also advice on what is suitable to wear, discuss allergies and if I am to use a balm , Aromaflex Blend or oil.

Each treatment takes approximately 60 or 90 minutes. Shorter sessions of 30 minutes are also available for older children and mini treatments suitable to health care needs.

Packages for Barefoot Babies and Curious Children are available.

Please allow an extra 20 minutes for first appointment to meet and confirm or make possible changes for your Treatment.

Following on from consultation we will focus on making you comfortable, offering a light blanket and water in readiness for treatment.

During treatment , you may talk , ask questions, listen to soft music or close your eyes and gently breathe and give yourself permission to relax. This is your time in a safe place away from the busy world.

After each treatment, I will leave you quietly for a short time, to give you space to gently return and just be at ease in the moment.

I will offer you water and when you feel ready invite you to ask questions, discuss findings and treatment, aftercare advice and going forward with your health and well-being plan.

I will offer simple reflex or acupressure points to encourage and support your Treatment beyond the Therapy room.

Treatments thereafter

At each visit we will have a review of how you are and to what will benefit you most as we never know what life may throw at us. We may agree a combination of therapies may be needed. ( time and situation allowing)

Each journey begins with a single step
Your journey towards better health and wellbeing is not one you need make alone.

We often feel battered by life events and stressors even if things are going well in our lives our bodies, hearts and minds are bombarded by emotional highs and lows.

Work related, relationships, moving, financial and family stress, new parents, health concerns, lack of sleep, anxiety, your health is in your hands, your investment in self, not quick fixes, or expensive lotions with expensive claims. It’s about bringing balance to your body on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Staying healthy and happy can be a challenge and so with Barefoot Therapies Family Holistic Health we can walk hand in hand towards your well-being and being-well goals.

With that in mind I do not offer online booking of appointments. I feel it is more beneficial for us to talk in the first instance on the telephone.

As the journey is a partnership, I feel it is important for you to feel you can work with me and putting a voice to my photo and name. I can also fully understand your needs and can prepare for our face to face appointment so you can get the best from your treatment .

Most of my clients come to me by recommendation which I accept as a great privilege but also advise that each treatment plan is unique to each individual or family.

Change your world by becoming yourself


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